The latest version of the Checkly CLI brings the following core enhancements and upgrades.

  • The checkly test command can now filter by tag, i.e. --tags=api,prod will run all checks with tags "api" AND "prod". You can chain multiple flags to create OR behaviour, i.e. --tags=api,prod --tags=web,prod will run checks with "api" and "prod", as well as "web" and "prod".

  • You can now set a frequency at the CheckGroup level. It will be used for any checks in your group that not explicitly define their own frequency

  • You can now use .mjs files (ECMAscript module files) to define your constructs. This enables top level await in some parts of the constructs. We marked this feature as experimental. More details in the docs.

  • Lastly, the CLI help menu is now structured between Core commands and Additional commands to make is easier to find the commands that matter the most.

  deploy   Deploy your project to your Checkly account.
  test     Test your checks on Checkly.
  trigger  Trigger checks on Checkly

  autocomplete  display autocomplete installation instructions
  destroy       Destroy your project with all its related resources.
  env           Manage Checkly environment variables.
  help          Display help for checkly.

Upgrade your installation right now with npm install checkly@latest

May 25th 2023