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  • I would like to browser-checks for our internal tools (Blocked IPs, Some in private network). Which is not open public? I don't have much control on web server level to these tools. Currently, there is no way to have checks to these.

Documentation suggesting whitelisting AWS-IPs doesn't make sense, this basically means opening to internet.

Describe the solution you'd like

  • Static IP sets. I don't know how your infrastructure looks like, if it's possible to run check runners behind few NATs. We can have IPs sets which can be whitelisted in our LB/firewalls. Any ways these IPs can be changed if your infra needs some update, So an API endpoint which list current IPs help more, to automate IP whitelisting.

  • If NAT is not a possible solution, having an open AWS SNS, Even-Bridge some sort where I can subscribe in our AWS accounts to load new IPs to SGs using lambda.

  • Having private-link or VPC peer to our VPC. This can help to have checks on private network itself.

    original GH issue link

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30 November 2023

5 months ago


Tim Nolet

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