January 26th 2024


Checkly CLI v4.6.0

The latest release of the Checkly CLI brings the following new capabilities and improvements.

Global playwright.config.ts support in Beta

We now support a subset of global configuration options for our Playwright-powered browser and multistep checks. We also have a dedicated changelog entry with all the details.

To get started, just add any supported options to the new playwrightConfig section in your checkly.config.ts file. To quickly copy the supported settings over to your checkly.config.ts file, you can run:

You should then have a config file similar to the example below πŸ‘‡

import { defineConfig } from 'checkly'
import { devices } from '@playwright/test'

const config = defineConfig({
  projectName: 'Checkly website',
  logicalId: 'checkly-website-project',
  checks: {
    locations: ['us-east-1', 'eu-west-1'],
    playwrightConfig: {
      timeout: 30000,
      use: {
        baseURL: 'https://www.checklyhq.com',      
        ...devices['iPhone 12 Pro Max landscape'],
        extraHTTPHeaders: {
          'x-my-custom-header': 'value',        
    checkMatch: ['**/__checks__/**/*.check.ts'],
    browserChecks: {
      testMatch: ['**/__checks__/**/*.spec.ts'],

export default config

This is our first step to fully support all global configuration options. We still have some dragons to slay to support globalSetup, globalTeardown, storageState and dependencies but we are working it!

Check our docs for more information πŸ‘‡

Alert Escalation Policies

You can now manage your threshold based alerting with the new alertEscalationPolicy and it's friend the AlertEscalationBuilder.

import { MultiStepCheck, AlertEscalationBuilder } from "checkly/constructs"

const multi = new MultiStepCheck('multi-step-check-1', {
    name: 'Multi step check 1',
    locations: ['eu-west-1'],
    frequency: 10,
    alertEscalationPolicy: AlertEscalationBuilder
        .timeBasedEscalation(5, { amount: 2, interval: 5 }),
    code: {
        entrypoint: 'multi.spec.ts',

The new alertEscalationPolicy property is available at the global project level, the CheckGroup and individual Check level. Learn more in the docs.

Other improvements

  • The checkMatch and testMatch properties now accept an array of paths so you can more easily organise your files in your repo, i.e.

    checkMatch: ['**/checks/**/*.check.ts', '**/more-checks/**/*.check.ts']
  • We now also print the test session URL to your terminal when using the dot and ci reporters.

See the all PRs merged on GitHub

To get started with the Checkly CLI just run

npm create checkly 

Or upgrade your existing installation with

npm install checkly@latest

Check the full release note on GitHub here

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