The latest version of the Checkly CLI brings the following core enhancements and upgrades.

  • The checkly test command can now filter by tag, i.e. --tags=api,prod will run all checks with tags "api" AND "prod". You can chain multiple flags to create OR behaviour, i.e. --tags=api,prod --tags=web,prod will run checks with "api" and "prod", as well as "web" and "prod".

  • You can now set a frequency at the CheckGroup level. It will be used for any checks in your group that not explicitly define their own frequency

  • You can now use .mjs files (ECMAscript module files) to define your constructs. This enables top level await in some parts of the constructs. We marked this feature as experimental. More details in the docs.

  • Lastly, the CLI help menu is now structured between Core commands and Additional commands to make is easier to find the commands that matter the most.

  deploy   Deploy your project to your Checkly account.
  test     Test your checks on Checkly.
  trigger  Trigger checks on Checkly

  autocomplete  display autocomplete installation instructions
  destroy       Destroy your project with all its related resources.
  env           Manage Checkly environment variables.
  help          Display help for checkly.

Upgrade your installation right now with npm install checkly@latest

May 25th 2023


After a brief beta period, Test Sessions is now GA. A Test Session is group of checks you can run ad hoc from your local machine, from CI or using one of our vendor integrations like Vercel and GitHub.

A Test Session shows you all data relevant to that session:

  • Project name, git info, session duration and status.

  • Log, traces, videos, screenshots and any other assets collected by your checks.

Using the CLI, creating a Test Session is extremely simple. Just add the --record flag and we will record your session and give you a link to the full report once it's done.

$ npx checkly test --record          

Running 2 checks in eu-west-1.

✔ Fetch Book List (234ms)
✔ homepage.spec.ts (4s)

2 passed, 2 total

Detailed session summary at:

The preferred workflow is to run your test command from your CI/CD pipeline, optionally followed by the deploy command if the sessions passes. We've updated our docs with guides on how to get this going with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI and Jenkins.

Note that Test Sessions deprecates our earlier Deployments and Deployment Triggers functionality.

May 24th 2023


Our new Retry Insights feature is now in General Availability. It provides complete check run information for both failed initial check runs and retries.

Use Retry Insights to troubleshoot flaky checks and make monitoring even more reliable.

Retry Insights is available on all check runs from today onwards and is enabled via the double check on failure setting.

Questions or feedback? Join our Slack Community.

May 11th 2023


The Checkly CLI is now Generally Available, together with the new test sessions feature (now in beta). Here is a quick rundown of all the major updates. Read the full blog post for more details.

Checkly CLI

  • The CLI now lives under the top level checkly npm package name and you install it with npm create checkly or npm install -D checkly. The previous package @checkly/cli is still available, but will no longer be updated with new versions or bug fixes.

  • You can now use the new trigger command to run any check on Checkly as test session: no need to store it in your repo.

  • You can now manage account level environment variables using the new checkly env command.

  • You can now share alert channels between projects, using the fromId() function so you don't need to "double create" alert channels across projects.

Test Sessions

The test sessions page (beta) is now available to all users. Test sessions deprecate the deployments page and deployment triggers as a concept in Checkly.

Questions or feedback? Join our Slack Community.

May 8th 2023


Retry Insights is now available for all users to test in beta!

Our new Retry Insights feature provides complete check run information for both failed initial check runs and retries. This can help you understand why the failed attempt occurred and improve check quality.

To try out Retry Insight, simply toggle the feature in the Labs section. This will enable the feature on all checks using the double check on failure setting.

Questions or feedback? Join our Slack Community.

April 27th 2023


Introducing our latest runtime, 2023.02, featuring new updates and improvements. Migrate your checks today to take advantage of these enhancements.


  • Playwright 1.32.1: Now supports chaining locators for more efficient test interactions.

  • Faker 7.6.0

New Additions:

  • date-fns 2.29.3: A simple and consistent toolkit to streamline your work with JavaScript dates.

  • ws 8.13.0: Boost your performance with this fast WebSocket client/server library.

Important Notice:
We have discontinued support for Mocha. Although older runtimes still provide Mocha support, we strongly encourage users to start transitioning to Playwright for a more seamless experience.

For those using Private Locations, please upgrade your agent to v1.3.0 to leverage the new runtime and its features.

April 13th 2023


Checkly CLI v0.4.11 just landed with a lot of new features and goodies.

Test Sessions now in preview

You can now store a full test session report with logs, videos and traces in the Checkly UI and get a link to your session in the terminal.

  • Enable this preview in your Checkly account in the Labs section.

  • Run the test command with the --record flag, npx checkly test --record.

  • Get links your terminal to the full test session report and individual assets like videos and traces for Playwright tests.

Note: we are building this as we speak: expect some rough edges. We 💖 early feedback!

Core upgrades & enhancements

We have introduced the setupScript and tearDownScript properties on the ApiCheck construct.

These will replace the localSetupScript and localTearDownScript properties — now marked as "deprecated"— soon.

The new properties follow the same pattern for including file dependencies as the BrowserCheck by referencing code using the entrypoint or content properties, e.g.

import { ApiCheck } from '@checkly/cli/constructs'
import * as path from 'path'

new ApiCheck('api-check-1', {
  name: 'Fetch products',
  group: websiteGroup,
  setupScript: {
    entrypoint: path.join(__dirname, 'setup.ts'),
  request: {
    method: 'GET',
    url: '',

Visit the updated Construct reference docs and setup & teardown script docs

  • You will now get full setup & teardown script logging in your terminal for easier debugging.

  • You can now sign up for a Checkly account right from the CLI using npx checkly login

  • You can now get a markdown-based test report in GitHub Actions using npx checkly test --reporter=github


  • Log output should be snappier across the board after tweaking some event handling logic.

Make sure to upgrade with npm install @checkly/cli@latest

April 6th 2023


The beta version of our latest runtime, 2023.02 is now available!


  • Playwright 1.32.1 - This includes support for chaining locators.

  • Faker 7.6.0


  • date-fns 2.29.3 - a simple and consistent toolkit for working with JS dates.

  • ws 8.13.0 - a fast and well-tested websocket client/server library.

We have also removed support for Mocha. While older runtimes still have Mocha support we strongly recommend anyone still using it start looking at migrating to Playwright!

To try out the new runtime, simply enable it in the labs menu and start using it in your checks.

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us!

March 29th 2023


An updated version of the Checkly Terraform provider (v. 1.6.5) is now available. The new version supports several additional alerting channels:

  • FireHydrant

  • Telegram

  • MS Teams

  • Splunk

  • Spike

  • Discord

For more information, please refer to the documentation on the TF provider and alerting channels.

March 21st 2023


All engineering teams worked on fixing bugs 2 weeks ago in a regular exercise we call…Bug Week!

Here is the list of bugs — of all sizes and sorts — we fixed:


  • Fix a bug where an expired SSL certificate kept showing stale info when the domain is removed.

  • Reduce refresh rate on Check Overview page to 1 minute to not overwhelm the page on higher frequency checks.

  • Fix a bug where cloning a Check Group did not copy dependencies for GH sync and CLI-enabled Checks.

Home Dashboard

  • Fix a bug where the last 24 results were not shown for low-frequency checks.

Account Settings

  • Autosave account settings changes, fixing a bug where saving could overwrite previous settings.

  • Don't allow sending invites to teammates multiple times.

  • Users with no account could not easily create a new account.

  • In the account settings, copy & paste of commands and tokens was not uniform or wrongly aligned.

  • Take into account time zones on charts in billing sections.

Private Locations & Checkly Agent

  • Fix a bug where a ChecklyConnectionError could crash the agent.

Public API

  • Updating alert settings could create an invalid alerting configuration.


  • Reduce gray tones for a more consistent UI and typography.


  • Show a toast to update the webapp when a fresh version is available.

  • Top banners like maintenance windows and CTAs created unneeded scrollbars.

March 21st 2023

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