April 3rd 2024


New check overview chart

We are happy to announce that we have released a major update to our check overview page. It is now easier than ever to:

  • Understand the historical health of your check at a glance.

  • Find specific check results.

The new check overview chart comes with a side panel where all check results from the selected time period are visible. This allows for fast deep dives into check reports to understand and resolve incidents.

Below is an example of how navigating the old overview page could be like. Finding a result that happened in the past could be challenging, so making this a smooth experience was important to us.

With the new chart, finding a check result is simple. Each bar on the chart represents a time range and shows the aggregate of all check runs that happened in that time, with color coding to allow for fast identification of failing runs. You can use the filters on the top of the overview page to select the overall time range, and filter on locations.

Selecting a bar in the new chart further filters out the results in the sidebar, allowing you to quickly navigate to any given check result. You can also filter on the status in the chart legend to exclude a status from the results.

If you have questions or feedback, join our Slack community and share your thoughts with Checkly users from across the globe.

Happy monitoring!

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