January 31st 2024


Parallel Scheduling is now GA

Parallel scheduling is now GA.

Reduce mean time to detection, get better insights when addressing outages, and get improved data granularity on all performance trends with parallel scheduling.

A check using parallel scheduling will run from each configured location each time it is scheduled, ensuring that any local outages are detected instantly. Alerts are sent as soon as a location is registered as failing or degrading, minimizing the time from failure to your team being notified.

Changing your scheduling method

With GA, parallel scheduling is now the default for all new checks and groups. To change the scheduling method, go to "Scheduling & Locations" when editing your check.

Parallel scheduling is fully supported in our monitoring as code workflow. With our CLI, just add the runParallel property to your construct:

import { ApiCheck, AssertionBuilder } from 'checkly/constructs'

new ApiCheck('hello-api-1', {
  name: 'Hello API',
  runParallel: true,
  locations: ['eu-central-1', 'us-east-1'],
  request: {
    method: 'GET',
    url: 'https://mac-demo-repo.vercel.app/api/hello',
    assertions: [

Similar, with Terraform just add run_parallel

resource "checkly_check" "list-all-checks" {
  name                      = "List all checks"
  type                      = "API"
  frequency                 = 0
  frequency_offset          = 10
  activated                 = false
  muted                     = false
  run_parallel              = true
  locations                 = ["eu-north-1", "eu-central-1", "us-west-1", "ap-northeast-1"]
  degraded_response_time    = 5000
  max_response_time         = 20000
  request {
    method                    = "GET"
    url                       = "https://developers.checklyhq.com/reference/getv1checks"

Viewing check results

The check overview page will now show the progress of all locations as a check is running, giving you instant feedback if a certain location is taking longer than usual.

The check result page has been updated to support results from multiple locations. You can switch between locations in the sidebar when viewing the check result page.

Quickly compare the results from multiple locations, reviewing failures, Playwright traces or screenshots to understand how your service behaves globally.

Pricing and availability

  • Parallel check scheduling is available on all current plans: Hobby, Team, and Enterprise. Deprecated plan types are not supported.

  • Each location selected for a check running in parallel does a full check run per execution. An API check that runs in five locations will be billed for five check runs per execution. For more information on pricing, see our documentation: Check pricing.

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