March 26th 2024


Runtime 2024.02 GA

Our latest runtime, 2024.02, is now GA.

The 2024.02 runtime includes several new libraries, plus updates to Playwright and other libraries. We also removed support for Mocha.

New libraries:

  • @axe-core/playwright

  • @opentelemetry/api

  • @opentelemetry/sdk-metrics

  • @opentelemetry/exporter-metrics-otlp-grpc

  • chai-json-schema

  • nice-grpc

  • pdftojson

We have also enabled the node datagram and performance modules.

With the addition of @axe-core/playwright, accessibility monitoring is now possible. Here is an introduction video on how to work with Axe and Playwright πŸ‘‡

2024.02 uses Playwright 1.42.1. For a list of all library versions, see our runtime specs documentation.

The private location agent supporting 2024.02 is v3.3.0. Pull the latest version from

If you have questions or feedback, join our Slack community and let us know.