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In Progress

Static IPs

πŸ’‘ For general support requests and bug reports, please go to your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.I would like to browser-checks for our internal tools (Blocked IPs, Some in private network). Which is not open public? I don't have much control on web server level to these tools. Currently, there is no way to have checks to these.Documentation suggesting whitelisting AWS-IPs doesn't make sense, this basically means opening to internet.Describe the solution you'd likeStatic IP sets. I don't know how your infrastructure looks like, if it's possible to run check runners behind few NATs. We can have IPs sets which can be whitelisted in our LB/firewalls. Any ways these IPs can be changed if your infra needs some update, So an API endpoint which list current IPs help more, to automate IP whitelisting.If NAT is not a possible solution, having an open AWS SNS, Even-Bridge some sort where I can subscribe in our AWS accounts to load new IPs to SGs using lambda.Having private-link or VPC peer to our VPC. This can help to have checks on private network itself.original GH issue link

Tim Nolet 7 months ago

Dec 31



Subscribe to status updates

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I want to allow users to subscribe to status updates from our service. I want to subscribe to Checkly's status so I know when the service is down or degraded, because: This might impact how our customers see the status or our service; We want to know that our services might not be monitored for the duration of the inciden. Describe the solution you'd like An option on Checkly's status page allowing users to subscribe to updates. Ideally, they would be able to choose between multiple ways to get notifications, like RSS/Atom feeds, email, Slack, maybe even webhook - see example from Github's status page: Which is similar to Sentry's - it seems they use Atlassian Status Page. I see #297 asks for a specific type of update, but I'd like to have more options than just email. original GH issue link

Tim Nolet 7 months ago


Status Pages



Support for `toHaveScreenshot` / visual regression testing

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I have a particular use case for toHaveScreenshot in that my Checkly tests goes through our UI to generate a PDF export of a particular page that you're on. I'd love to be able to compare a screenshot of the PDF generated to a snapshot, as it's impossible to run typical assertions on the information shown in PDFs.Describe the solution you'd like I understand that Checkly agents run in an isolated environment for each test. However, toHaveScreenshot could be supported in a way similar to Buildkite in how it allows you to manage artifacts between builds and build steps, it would be cool if the Checkly agent could detect snapshots generated from toHaveScreenshot, store them somewhere, and then pull them down for the next test to verify against. This could be automatic, or something that the test does, wherer you test can import some kind of Checkly npm package that exports some functions to do these particular tasks.Describe alternatives you've considered What I'm trying to achieve here I can write this code myself. I.e i can store the screenshot snapshots in S3 at the end of my test and write them to disk when the test starts again but that's not ideal at scale if I need to do this in multiple tests. There are visual comparison libraries out there but they aren't in the Checkly runtimes. Adding some kind of visual comparison npm package to the runtimes would suffice too!!!original GH issue link

Tim Nolet 7 months ago

Nov 9

Browser Checks


Show planned maintenance windows in dashboard

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. we're very happy with the new dashboards, which have become integral to our communication ( There is, unfortunately, a big shortcoming for us. A planned maintenance window is only visible once it becomes active. To really become fully operational as a status page, these should be visible ahead of time. Describe the solution you'd like show planned maintenance as non-active planned incidents Describe alternatives you've considered A minimal solution could be to show planned maintenance as in the admin dashboard Additional context potentially part of #242 and #240 and #65 original GH issue link

Tim Nolet 7 months ago

Status Pages



add ability for tcp and icmp checks.

πŸ’‘ For general support requests and bug reports, please go to Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. We do http monitoring but we have some api's that are not http but are at tcp level. Having monitoring for tcp connections basic check on URL and any Port is great. Can integrate tls as well. Describe the solution you'd like as part of addition of api checks, we can add tcp as an option in the drop down. Describe alternatives you've considered using datadog right now . Additional context Add any other context or screenshots about the feature request here. original GH issue link

Tim Nolet 7 months ago


Check Types


Alerting based on p99 response time

πŸ’‘ For general support requests and bug reports, please go to Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Instead of alerting on a single request being slow, I'd like to alert if the average or p95 time exceeds a limit. Describe the solution you'd like When setting Assertions, I would like to be able to chose "average response time" or "p95 response time" as the Property value for a Response Time check. Describe alternatives you've considered Checking the dashboard manually? I'm not sure what other options there are. Additional context A single slow request may not be worth an alert. But several slow requests will raise our average/p95 response times and are worth investigating. original GH issue link

Tim Nolet 7 months ago



Create variables at deploy time for API checks

ScenarioI want to be able to set variables to be used on an API checkCurrent usageWe have a set up script to auth against our api which pulls in the correct key/secret values from variables saved on the group, This is done based on check nameIssueWe are removing groups so we can have finer grain control at the check level i.e. so group settings dont override check settingsIn removing groups we now have no way to deploy variables fo our API checksShort term we will manually add them into global variables via the gui but this absolutely should be deployable with npx checkly deploySolutionEither.....Be able to deploy global env vars via npx checkly deployorBe able to store variables on an API check as you can with browser checks

Jonathan-Dalton 2 months ago