April 6th 2023


Checkly CLI v0.4.11

Checkly CLI v0.4.11 just landed with a lot of new features and goodies.

Test Sessions now in preview

You can now store a full test session report with logs, videos and traces in the Checkly UI and get a link to your session in the terminal.

  • Enable this preview in your Checkly account in the Labs section.

  • Run the test command with the --record flag, npx checkly test --record.

  • Get links your terminal to the full test session report and individual assets like videos and traces for Playwright tests.

Note: we are building this as we speak: expect some rough edges. We πŸ’– early feedback!

Core upgrades & enhancements

We have introduced the setupScript and tearDownScript properties on the ApiCheck construct.

These will replace the localSetupScript and localTearDownScript properties β€” now marked as "deprecated"β€” soon.

The new properties follow the same pattern for including file dependencies as the BrowserCheck by referencing code using the entrypoint or content properties, e.g.

import { ApiCheck } from '@checkly/cli/constructs'
import * as path from 'path'

new ApiCheck('api-check-1', {
  name: 'Fetch products',
  group: websiteGroup,
  setupScript: {
    entrypoint: path.join(__dirname, 'setup.ts'),
  request: {
    method: 'GET',
    url: 'https://api.acme.com/v1/products/',

Visit the updated Construct reference docs and setup & teardown script docs

  • You will now get full setup & teardown script logging in your terminal for easier debugging.

  • You can now sign up for a Checkly account right from the CLI using npx checkly login

  • You can now get a markdown-based test report in GitHub Actions using npx checkly test --reporter=github


  • Log output should be snappier across the board after tweaking some event handling logic.

Make sure to upgrade with npm install @checkly/cli@latest

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