September 4th 2023


Heartbeat Checks are now in GA

We are excited to announce that Heartbeat checks are now in General Availability.

Increase reliability and confidence by effortlessly monitoring your backup jobs, database updates, imports, and other recurring tasks with our latest check type.

With GA, heartbeat checks have an updated UI and are fully supported on Checkly, including in our analytics API, dashboards, maintenance windows, and more.

Create private or public dashboards for your users or teams to showcase your backend status. Plan your upgrades without worrying about false alerts, and import run data into your analytics platform.

Getting started

Heartbeat checks await pings from external sources, with each check having a unique URL the job pings when successful. This ping URL be can be added to a wide variety of jobs. Here is a simple example of adding a heartbeat ping to any bash cron job scheduled in your crontab:



curl -m 5 --retry 3 $PING_URL;

And if you are using node:

const axios = require('axios');

axios.get('').then(resp => {

Unsure of how to add a ping event to your scheduled job? Our documentation covers multiple programming and scripting languages, getting you started in no time.

Looking for help?

Heartbeat checks are available on the following plans:

  • Team with a quota of 15 Heartbeat checks.

  • Enterprise with a custom quota.

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