October 10th 2023


Introducing Service API keys

If you are using one of our SSO integrations, it might be hard or even impossible to create "service users" to call the Checkly public API or use our CLI from a background process like CI. This is because API keys are tied to users.

To make life easier here, we just introduced Service API keys. Service API keys work very similar to user API keys, but are different on some parts.

  • Service API keys can have access roles: READ_ONLY, READ_WRITE and ADMIN.

  • Service API keys are tied to one account only. They are not usable for cross account access.

  • Service API keys can only be used for public API access and CLI usage, just like user API keys. Just set the API in your terminal or script, or export it as CHECKLY_API_KEY=sv_...

curl -H "X-Checkly-Account: 438481ea-0eab-43d6-8932-redacted" -H "Authorization: Bearer sv_9afd2cc24a46432bba922-redacted" https://api.checklyhq.com/v1/checks

Check out the full docs right here.

This feature is available on Enterprise plans only.

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