August 3rd 2023


pre-announcement: Checkly Agent v2.0.0

Next Friday 11 August at 12:00 CET, we will release a new major version of the Checkly Agent to run on your Private Locations. This major version introduces some breaking changes which is why we pre-announce this so users can take action on possibly auto-updating clusters running the agent:

  1. The agent now supports ARM64 architectures. This means you can now run your Private Locations on your M1/M2 MacBook or other ARM Linux flavours etc.

  2. Only Checkly runtime 2023.02 is included. This allows us to keep the container image at an acceptable size.

  3. Because agent V2.0.0 only includes runtime 2023.02, Puppeteer is no longer supported. If your checks rely on Puppeteer, please keep using one of the older versions of the agent.

  4. All Chromium & Chrome versions are now aligned with the recommend Playwright version. Chromium: 112.0.5615.29. Chrome: 115.0.5790.110 (Not supported on ARM64)

Again, this new image will be pushed to our Docker Hub on Friday 11 August at 12:00 CET

Tip: Running on Kubernetes? Check our dedicated docs for deploying the agent to your cluster.

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