September 28th 2023


Prometheus Exporter V2

We just released V2 of our Prometheus exporter. This new version brings extra gauges, counters and histograms so you can get more accurate Checkly data in your preferred Prometheus setup and dashboarding tool.

New metric types

Three of highlights our new metric types are:

  • The checkly_browser_check_web_vitals_seconds histogram, which allows you to get a breakdown of your web vitals for a browser checks.

  • The checkly_api_check_timing_seconds histogram, which breaks down the timing phases of your API Check, e.g. DNS time, TTFB etc.

  • The checkly_time_to_ssl_expiry_seconds gauge, which tracks when your SSL certificate will expire in seconds.

PromQL example

We also added some PromQL examples to show case how you might use these new metrics. For example, the below query calculates the average for each Web Vital type (TTFB, FCP, LCP etc.) for a specific browser check.

sum by(type) (rate(checkly_browser_check_web_vitals_seconds_sum{name="Check Name"}[30m])) / sum by(type) (rate(checkly_browser_check_web_vitals_seconds_count{name="Check Name"}[30m]))

Check out the full docs right here.

This feature is available on all paid plans.

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