May 24th 2023


Test Sessions is now GA

After a brief beta period, Test Sessions is now GA. A Test Session is group of checks you can run ad hoc from your local machine, from CI or using one of our vendor integrations like Vercel and GitHub.

A Test Session shows you all data relevant to that session:

  • Project name, git info, session duration and status.

  • Log, traces, videos, screenshots and any other assets collected by your checks.

Using the CLI, creating a Test Session is extremely simple. Just add the --record flag and we will record your session and give you a link to the full report once it's done.

$ npx checkly test --record          

Running 2 checks in eu-west-1.

βœ” Fetch Book List (234ms)
βœ” homepage.spec.ts (4s)

2 passed, 2 total

Detailed session summary at:

The preferred workflow is to run your test command from your CI/CD pipeline, optionally followed by the deploy command if the sessions passes. We've updated our docs with guides on how to get this going with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI and Jenkins.

Note that Test Sessions deprecates our earlier Deployments and Deployment Triggers functionality.

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