May 31st 2024


Updated Static IP Ranges

Due to an infrastructure migration, we've updated our static IP ranges. All our customers have already been informed about this change via a set of three emails sent out of the last three weeks.

Here is a short recap:

What changed?

  • We've shortened the list of IPv4s per region. The current list of static IPv4s is a subset of the previous list.

  • The IPv6 range is unchanged.

Where do I find the new IP ranges?

The new ranges can be fetched from our public API, for instance:


Please reference our docs on static IP ranges and allowlisting for more info.

What do I need to do?

  • If you do not use IP based allowlisting in your infrastructure with Checkly, no action is needed.

  • If you do use IP based allowlisting, your current firewall(s) will still correctly allow Checkly traffic as the new range is a subset of the old range. However, once we release the superfluous IPv4s back to our hosting provider, these IPv4s could be reused by others and potentially form a threat to you.

Static IP ranges are available to all users on all Checkly plans.

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