March 21st 2023


We did a "Bug Week", here's what's fixed.

All engineering teams worked on fixing bugs 2 weeks ago in a regular exercise we call…Bug Week!

Here is the list of bugs — of all sizes and sorts — we fixed:


  • Fix a bug where an expired SSL certificate kept showing stale info when the domain is removed.

  • Reduce refresh rate on Check Overview page to 1 minute to not overwhelm the page on higher frequency checks.

  • Fix a bug where cloning a Check Group did not copy dependencies for GH sync and CLI-enabled Checks.

Home Dashboard

  • Fix a bug where the last 24 results were not shown for low-frequency checks.

Account Settings

  • Autosave account settings changes, fixing a bug where saving could overwrite previous settings.

  • Don't allow sending invites to teammates multiple times.

  • Users with no account could not easily create a new account.

  • In the account settings, copy & paste of commands and tokens was not uniform or wrongly aligned.

  • Take into account time zones on charts in billing sections.

Private Locations & Checkly Agent

  • Fix a bug where a ChecklyConnectionError could crash the agent.

Public API

  • Updating alert settings could create an invalid alerting configuration.


  • Reduce gray tones for a more consistent UI and typography.


  • Show a toast to update the webapp when a fresh version is available.

  • Top banners like maintenance windows and CTAs created unneeded scrollbars.

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